More German vegan Rap

December 24, 2006

Just discovered another German rap act called Vegweiser, consisting of two young guys rapping about the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. Check them out on MySpace.



  1. Cool site. However, I won’t go vegan because grass-fed beef is a good thing and getting all essential amino acids on a daily basis is vital. Ever noticed: Most long-term vegans look like Death. We are cavemen and meat is what we eat and need…

  2. All essential amino acids can be obtained from plant sources. Human beings are considered omnivores, meaning we CAN eat from both the plant and the animal kingdom. However, there is no NEED for us to eat animal products in order to thrive and be healthy. In fact, recent research suggests that eating animal protein actually deteriorates our health. Moreover, some of the world’s best athletes are vegan. Check out Alexander Dargatz from Germany, for example, he’s a world champion in bodybuilding…do you think he looks like a “toilet seat”?

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